"Alienating Parents"

Staff Writer | June 5 2017

What would you say about a mother who brainwashes her children into believing that his father is an infidel or a devil, who encourages them to threaten him, physically abuse him then deny that such incidents ever took place.

Think about a wife who grabs his husband’s private part in front of an adult son, dials 911 to intimidate him, tries to kill herself and her husband when he confronts her, instead of admitting her mistakes, alienates and separates children from their biological father just because she is hugely pissed off.

How you feel about a child who hides herself in the closet when her angry father is yelling at her mother. Would you not love a child who starts praying each time he sees his parents fighting?

How can you deal with a parent who has seven out of nine dominant Narcissistic Personality Disorders (NPD). It's a rare condition but it exists in people who have Arrogance, Grandiosity, Lack of Empathy, have Strong Sense of Entitlement, are in Excessive Need for Admiration, are Preoccupied with “Success” and are Envious of others. They believe that they are Unique while they Exploit others.

Life is full of challenges where one ranking narcissist often suffers from another of its kind. We all are childhood victims of some sort of trauma inflicted upon us by someone with dark personality, who happens to be a close relative.

It's not that important how one generation of narcissists unconsciously learn from their previous generation - That is given. What is more important is that how an alienated child consciously handles the “Narci Shock”.

If your children are not talking to you, avoiding you, or running away from you, it means they are either struggling with their own or someone else's psychosis.

Multiple studies show that there are three (3) types of children who grow under the horrifying shadow of a narcissistic parent; 1) Children who have no sense of the self and become copycat narcissists, 2) Children who understand they were victims of a narcissist parent who deserve their hate or admiration, and finally, 3) Those who understand why and how they became target of an egomaniac in the family but they don't victimize others because of their own temperamental and forgiving nature.

That's how the generational cycle of narcissism is broken.


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