Strategic Research Circle

"Study in Muslim Institutions"

Muslim Institutions

Muslim institutions, built during middle-ages, have seen gradual decline since sixteenth century to a point where they have either ceased to exist or have lost their intended functions. We can see footprints of early Muslim political, social, and economic institutions in some of the highly developed Western institutions promoting values such as efficiency, civil liberties, distribution of power, and free trade.


SRC’s study focuses on the state of Muslim socio-political and economic institutions and reasons for their decline. The study hopes to offer practical solutions for institutions to become more effective and role they can play in building a better Western and the Muslim societies


SRC is largely funded by foundations memberships and by individuals. Our target audiences are policymakers scholars journalists businesses and the civil society.

SRC is governed by a board consisting of entrepreneurs educators professionals and philanthropists. Our areas of studies include society economy governance and foreign policy