Strategic Research Circle

"Areas of Research"

Economy | Business and Ethics

- Ethics in trading and business
- Group dynamics among entrepreneurs

- Medieval and modern history of trade
- Extravagance and waste

- Loans, debts, and recessions
- Emerging industrial and market trends

- Islamic and Western financial and investment models 

- Economic depressions; causes and effects

- Free trade and regulations

Social |
Civil Justice and Freedom

- Historical distortions of Islam and Muslims
- Civilian detentions and releases
- Domestic surveillance and wiretapping
- Infiltration and harassment of citizen groups
- Guilt by association
- Silencing the dissent
- Muslims assimilation in the West
- Islam and Christianity: Divine messages of dominance and control

- Building of institutions

- Mentoring and shaping of young minds

Politics | Invasions, Insurgencies

- Extremism: Root causes, history, and how to deal with it
- Occupations and insurgencies of Muslim world
- Responsibilities of judicial and political institutions in a just society

- Equitable foreign policy


Media | Role of Media


- Role of media in a democratic republic

- Alternate and mainstream media


SRC is largely funded by foundations memberships and by individuals. Our target audiences are policymakers scholars journalists businesses and the civil society.

SRC is governed by a board consisting of entrepreneurs educators professionals and philanthropists. Our areas of studies include society economy governance and foreign policy