Strategic Research Circle


Islamophobia | Bias and Fear about Islam and Muslims


Islam and Muslims are at receiving end of religious profiling and unfair evaluation by a small but vocal segment of Western society. So called experts are studying Muslim culture, history, religion, and presenting misleading conclusions that is demonizing Muslims. The main thrust of the study is to examine such bias sources that unfairly designate and strategically target Islam and Muslims as their “New Enemy”

The study will provide an overview of the general pattern taking shape within the ‘expert’ community and inside establishment responsible for shaping U.S. policies. The final report can offer much better cross-cultural and religious understanding to resolve range of issues that we all are facing on daily basis.


Area of Research

·         Historical distortion and bias against Islam and Muslims

·         Meaning of justice and fairness in Islam and the West

·         Fairness in reporting by the media

·         Civil rights: Unlawful detentions, surveillance, infiltration and harassment

·         Question of Muslim assimilation in the West

·         Demography: Fear of Muslim migration and natural growth

·         Is Islam a Devine message of dominance and control?

·         Invasions and insurgencies in Muslim lands

·         Extremism: Root causes and how to deal with it


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