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"Emerging Market"

Interdependency In Social Inequality
"Pursuit of provision is reason for social organization. No one person could ever master all the knowledge and skills to live well. However, he can’t survive if he remains ignorant; Thanks to diversity of their occupation and skills, people join together to share and complement each other to fulfill the need for their living" Al Shaybani (750 – 805)

Free Market
“Sophisticated business networks are formed which produce and distribute goods and services throughout the economy. This network was not designed but emerged as a result of decentralized individual economic decisions” Friedrich Hayek (1899 – 1992)

“The Prevailing business philosophy of Silicon Valley is to promote openness, learning, sharing information, co-evolution of ideas, flexibility, mutual feedback, and fast response to opportunities and challenges” The Silicon Valley edge: a habitat for innovation and entrepreneurship, by Chon-Moon Lee

“government interference in man's property results in loss of incentives, which could eventually lead to weakening of the state. Expropriation or confiscation of private property to establish social equality is self-defeating for the government because it is a form of oppression and oppression ruins society” Ibn Khaldun
Wealth Study
Why This Research Is Significant?
Recent studies show that personal talents of organization's leader help create a corporate culture that is essential for performance and growth of their organization. SRC study will try to explain why certain entrepreneurs manage to generate higher income in free markets and what we can learn from their success stories. However, some enterprises fail to grow for some unknown reasons. The study will try to identify barriers such entrepreneurs face and recommend solutions.
Leadership Performance Index
Whether it's the confidence of an entrepreneur or risk-taking abilities, some entrepreneurs seem to have developed a far better business model than others. The study will try to identify personal qualities that help entrepreneurs propel their business into a successful orbit.
Entrepreneurial Ecosystem
A robust business ecosystem is made of innovative and relentless entrepreneurs, sophisticated angel and VC investors, business-friendly political environment, world class university labs, high quality social and business networking events, and experienced professionals such as lawyers and accountants.

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